Architectural Review

Because Barefoot Resort is a homogenous, planned community, all exterior modifications require approval, and certain design and construction limitations have been implemented.

The Barefoot Resort Residential Association ARC (Architectural Review Committee) has been designated and authorize by the recorded Deed and the Code, Covenants, and Restrictions (CCRs) to administer the Architectural Guidelines for the mutual benefit of all property owners. (See the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines for the application form, process description, and the complete list of architectural standards.)

The Committee meets every two weeks to review applications; over 96% are approved because the Committee is committed to working with homeowners to help them find solutions that meet their needs and stay within the Guidelines.

The intent of the Guidelines is:

  • To permit each homeowner to enjoy his home without unreasonable interference by and to his neighbor.
  • To minimize and stabilize the costs to maintain our properties.
  • To preserve and/or enhance the community and its real estate values.
  • To promote thoughtful design so that there is harmony between buildings and their sites and with neighboring homes, avoiding harsh contrasts in the visual perception of the community.