A Message from the President

May 1, 2020

~ Jerry Saxon

It has come to our attention that some owners feel there should be a reduction in HOA fees as the amenities at Barefoot have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please note that HOA budgets are done a year in advance, so the current monies are there, but not being spent.  Between the pandemic and the construction issues at the cabana, not all funds appropriated for use by the cabana will be spent.  When the 2021 budget is done later this year, those unspent monies will be applied to next years’ operating expenses, and will therefore show a reduction in HOA costs for the Beach Cabana line item in the budget.  

While this may sound reasonable on the surface, please understand that even though these facilities may be closed, the BRRA is required by contract to fulfill our obligations to our suppliers, contractors, etc. Salaries, electric, irrigation and such are still required. All of our swimming pools must still be maintained even though they are not in use.

While we would all like a reduction in expenses, this is not possible.  If you would like the full legal opinion received by the Board from the Association’s attorney, please click on the button below.

Attorney's Response to Reduction in HOA Dues

Jerry Saxon
President, BRRA