HTC Security – Become Informed

JUNE 1, 2019

Horry County Government implemented a False Alarm ordinance on February 1, 2011. Under this ordinance a monitored residence or business will be allowed up to two false alarm responses within a year.  The 12 month period utilized by the county to determine violations begins on the date of the first false alarm.  Third and subsequent false alarms within this specified time period may result in a $200 fee.

For the third false alarm the alarm user will receive a summons to appear and resolve the matter in court.  If the cause of the false alarm is a malfunctioning system, the county ordinance states:

"Evidence of repair accepted in lieu of fee.  An alarm user may submit, within (10) ten days of the date of notification of an infraction, evidence that a malfunctioning system has been repaired, or that appropriate and sufficient steps have been taken otherwise to eliminate the incidents of false alarms, e.g., evidence such as a receipt from a licensed alarm business with a statement of repairs made to the system.  If such evidence is satisfactory to the county, the county may request that the court dismiss the charge." 

To learn more or for a copy of the Horry County ordinance please visit and search for "false alarm" in the search bar.  For information regarding the details of the ordinance contgact the False Alarm clerk for Horry County Police Department at 843-915-8337.