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September 15, 2021 Open Meeting at 4 PM via Zoom: Traffic Concerns
Presenters: TBD

December 15, 2021 Open Meeting at 4 PM via Zoom: Personal Safety
Presenters: TBD

Recap of the June 16 Open Meeting on Hurricanes
Presenters at the Open Meeting were Steve Pfaff, National Weather Service; Thomas Bell, Horry County Emergency Management and Billy Floyd, NMB Fire Department Emergency Management. The meeting was very informative and timely with June 1st being the start of Hurricane Season. Billy Floyd honed focus on NMB’s preparation both before and after a hurricane and gave specifics about the impact of flooding and wind damage in the NMB communities. He also stated that with winds over 20 MPH the Barefoot Bridge is locked open and ICW water traffic is halted. Over 40 MPH and traffic may be halted on the Interconnector Bridge between Rte 31 and NMB and at 60 MPH all rescue operations are halted. Thomas Bell gave specifics on Horry County’s preparations including staffing and equipment. Steve Pfaff gave a summary of past hurricanes and stressed the need to not be complacent when future hurricane warnings are issued. He said hurricanes must be considered in terms of not only wind, but storm surge, flash flooding, tornadoes and dangerous surf conditions. The NOAA Atlantic Ocean forecast for 2021 is 13 to 20 named storms, 6 to 10 of which could strengthen to hurricanes and 3 to 5 that could become major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher. There were 53 people on the Zoom Call.

For those who missed the meeting, you can watch the recording by clicking here

Links to the weather stations at all 5 of our City Stations
Station 1: (Across from City Hall-Ocean Drive)
Station 2: (Sea Mountain Hwy-Cherry Grove)
Station 3: (33rd Ave S.- Windy Hill)
Station 4: (Little River Neck Rd- Tidewater)
Station 5: (Barefoot Resort Bridge Rd- Barefoot Resort)
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