Neighborhood Watch Update

January 1, 2021

At this time there are no open meetings scheduled.

Shortly we will be posting a presentation on the website on the subject of "Human Trafficking". Presentations on "Sharing the Road" (auto, golf cart, bicycle and pedestrian rules) and "Holiday Safety-How to Avoid Being a Victim" are already posted on the website and available for viewing.

We are happy to announce that we have Community Coordinators in every neighborhood including the North Tower.  The Barefoot Neighborhood Watch Committee and North Tower Neighborhood Watch Committee began coordinating actives and working jointly on projects together in 2020.

Our goals for 2020 that will continue thru 2021:

  • Keep Everyone Safe and informed
  • Fill block captain vacancies and add where needed
  • Conduct training meetings for Neighborhood Watch Block Captains
  • Improve and encourage neighbors watching out for neighbors and bringing neighbors close together in preventing criminal activities
  • Provide educational handouts to residents for crime prevention
  • Develop Community Coordinator network for multi-family communities
  • Develop a network of Block Captains/ Building Captains in the multi-family communities
  • Develop the Multi-Family Unit communication system with the cooperation of each Management Company to provide email blasts for property owners in the event of suspicious criminal activities.