October Barefoot Crime Statistics

DECEMBER 1, 2017

North Myrtle Beach Officer William McLeod has provided the following Public Safety crime report for Barefoot during the month of October 2017. This report is posted monthly on this website for your information.

Our BRRA Neighborhood Watch Committee and block captains from all Barefoot neighborhoods actively partner with the NMB police to bring information to the residents – and keep the police informed about any unusual activity in our communities. We are fortunate to live in a low crime area. 

The tabulations below show a significant increase over the previous month due to additional access to the City’s call for service log. These represent a more complete reporting of relevant police activity.

There were 119 reports for Barefoot Resort:

1 Single vehicle (Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Marsh Glen)

3 Business false alarms (2 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, 1 on Gray Heron Drive)
1 Residential alarm (Catalina Drive)
19 Residential false alarms (1 on White Iris, 1 on Ironwood, 1 on Windy Pines, 12 on Catalina, 1 on Whooping Crane, 1 on White Oleander, 1 on Bridge View, 1 on Club Course)

Animal Control
4 Stray animals
1 Dog (Water Tower & Par)
3 Cats (1 on Mossy Oaks, 2 on Bridge View)

2 Hits
1 Bear (Club Course & SC 31 Overpass)
1 Deer (Club Course & Links)

1 Attempted battery by motor vehicle (Mossy Oaks & Thick Branch)

Civil Dispute
3 Unspecified disputes (1 on Catalina, 1 on Bridge View, 1 on Oyster Catcher)

2 Intoxicated drivers (1 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, 1 on Catalina)
1 Items thrown from balcony (Harbor Pointe)
1 Noise (Harbor Pointe)
1 Possible mental issue (Catalina)
1 Signs posted (Swift)
1 Traffic (Oyster Catcher)

Criminal Domestic Violence
2 Criminal domestic violence (1 on Oyster Catcher, 1 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road)

2 Harassments
1 For unknown reason (Catalina Drive)
1 Door Knock (Catalina)

Motor Vehicle Violations

1 Driving under influence (Water Tower & Links)
1 Golf cart violation (Club Course & SC 31 overpass)
1 Leaving scene of accident (Marsh Glen & White Tern)
1 Hit & Run (Marsh Glen & White Tern)
1 Traffic stop (reason unknown) (Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Club Course)
24 For reasons unknown (17 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, 5 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Club Course, 1 on Bridge View
1 on Gray Heron)

2 Issued for
1 Faulty paper plate (Club Course & Gray Heron)
1 Expired registration (Marsh Glen & Catalina)

19 For reasons unknown (1 on Water Tower & Par, 13 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, 1 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Club Course, 1 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Premier Resorts Drive, 1 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Via Palma, 1 on Club Course & SC 31 Overpass, 1 on Premier Resorts Drive)

Property Reports

4 Damage to property (1 on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road Car damaged due to construction, 1 on Gray Heron Access gate, 2 on Pete Dye Gate hit car)

1 Wallet (Harbor Pointe)

Public Assistance
4 Public assistance (3 on Catalina, 1 on Whistling Duck)
1 Keep watch (Oyster Catcher)

Public Disorderly Conduct
1 Open container (Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Club Course)

Public Service
3 Escorts (2 on Club Course, 1 on Cypress Cove)
1 Disabled vehicle (1 at Water Tower & Par)

Public Works
2 Public works calls
Water meter leak (Weatherwood)
Reason unknown (Whistling Duck)

Suspicious Activity
8 Suspicious activities (2 on Oyster Catcher, 1 on White Tern, 1 on Swift
1 on Marsh Glen, 1 on Seabird, 1 on Pete Dye, 1 on Gray Heron)

Wanted Persons
1 For unknown reason (Catalina)

1 Outstanding warrant (Barefoot Resort Bridge Road & Club Course)

These calls resulted in the following actions:
3 Unfounded determinations
31 Required no reports
15 Required reports
2 Arrests made
13 Suspects identified
2 Suspects unidentified
1 Single vehicle accident
23 Alarms responded to
4 Stray animals found
2 Animals hit
1 Attempted battery by motor vehicle
3 Civil Disputes
7 Complaints investigated
2 Criminal domestic violence reports investigated
2 Harassments investigated
29 Tickets issued
21 Warning tickets issued:
4 Damage to property reported
1 Lost Wallet reported
4 Public assistance calls
1 Keep watch
1 Open container reported
4 Public service responses
2 Public works calls
8 Suspicious activities investigated
1 Wanted person search
1 Outstanding warrant discovered