Strategic Planning Committee Annual Report

July 1, 2020

~ Rick Lundy, Committee Chair ~

What Does the Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA) Strategic Planning and Development Committee (SPDC) Do?

In October, 2018, the BRRA Board of Directors adopted updated Vision and Mission Statements that reflect the aspirations of the community and provide direction for the decisions and activities performed by the Board of Directors and Committees.

“Vision – Barefoot Resort Community is the number one choice on the North Strand..”

“Mission – Barefoot Resort Residential Association promotes family focused values while protecting investments and provides an active community with something for everyone in a compassionate, inclusive environment.”

The SPDC advises the BRRA Board on strategic initiatives. The Committee conducts research on the feasibility of proposed projects identified from both the Committee and the Board, and makes recommendations on priorities, impact and risk to support the Vision and Mission.

In other terms, the SPDC works on ideas and initiatives that support various lifestyles within the community while focusing on individual property values and keeping Barefoot relevant and competitive. Barefoot Resort competes with neighboring communities for individuals and families moving to the Grand Strand, and going back to the Vision, the Board wants to maintain Barefoot Residential Resort as the number one choice for those individuals and families moving to this area.

A recent article from U. S. News shows Myrtle Beach as the Number One migration destination based on data from 2013 through 2017. The full article can be found by clicking this link:

Current SPDC short-term projects include

Support for the Cabana Committee
Support for the Western Boundary Fence Initiative
Planning an Open House for Realtors at the New Cabana
Main Entrance Update (in conjunction with the Joint Committee)

Current SPDC long-term projects include

Tract 31
Continual review of opportunities to keep Barefoot as the most desirable community in NMB