Water Tower Fence Survey

by Kowena Suckstorf, Strategic Planning Committee Chair


Fantastic response so far! The Watertower Fence Survey opened on April 17th and as of April 25, 2017 – 1,102 people have completed the survey. That is over a third of our total household population – a response rate above the typical national average of respondents to any survey. Way to go Barefoot!

The survey had not closed as of the writing of this article so we cannot share actual results. The raw data for your neighborhood will be released soon to your Voting Member so that if and when a vote is called for, they will be fully aware of homeowner opinions.

We have also received feedback directly from homeowners with ideas of what to do if the community takes on this project as well as ways to improve the survey process. The Strategic Planning and Development Committee (SDPC) will analyze the survey data and incorporate homeowner feedback, and then document it along with a recommendation to the BRRA Board. Results and recommendations will be shared with the community.

The next steps…

Depending on the results, the next steps can take a number of directions. For example:

1) Engage Voting Members in a yes or no vote to move forward with BRRA plans to build a barrier—this leads to the research cited in number two;

2) Start with research options for a community barrier to include initial and maintenance costs, impact to fees and assessments, and ROI factors—this leads to a vote by Voting Members on the best option;

3) BRRA does not take on the project and the SPDC works with homeowners in neighborhoods along Watertower Road to develop a plan of action.

Stay tuned for more details.

Please send feedback directly to the SPDC via the Communication Center on the BRRA Website.