Website Analytics for September

October 1, 2019

We invite you to come back monthly to see an updated summary of this website's performance. See for yourself how many Barefoot owners are visiting

Device Usage

The graph above shows the device usage for September.  

  • 42.7% owners visited the website from their mobile device
  • 40.6% owners visited the website from their desktop computer
  • 16.7% owners visited the website from their tablet 

This month the mobile & desktop usage were comparable & tablet usage is unchanged.  

September Page Behavior

  • The homepage and login page continue to get the most page views.
  • The next most viewed pages in September were:
    1. Welcome Your New Neighbors News Article
    2. Beach Cabana Farewell Sunday, August 18th News Article
    3. Beach Cabana Page
    4. City of North Myrtle Beach Hurricane Preparedness Information News Article
    5. Calendar of Events Page

September Emails

The eblast with the highest open rate in September was the Hurricane Dorian Sept 3 Update at 69.6%.  The blasts with the next highest open rates were the SC Governor Issues Mandatory Evacuation Horry County Zone A and Ponderosa Management Preparations for Hurricane Dorian, both at 66.9%.  Nineteen (19) eblasts were sent this month to the entire community with open rates ranging from 32.6% to 69.6%.  Three (3) eblasts were sent to specific communities with open rates ranging from 71.1% to 75.8%.