2017 Annual Traffic Committee Report

OCTOBER 1, 2017

– Reba Siniscalchi, Committee Chair


Traffic in Barefoot Resort has been a concern for many residents for some time now. A committee was formed to investigate options that might be available to reduce or calm traffic.

In 2016, the Committee met with City Council Representative Fontana, City Manager Mehaney and members of the NMB police force.

In 2017 the Committee requested that the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety perform a Traffic Study. They tracked traffic and speeds on some of our local roads for different time frames in March, April, and May of this year.

The results regarding speeding were eye opening. (Please see Traffic Committee Report of June 12, 2017.) 

After the study results were reported, the Committee met with representative Fontana, Mr. Mehaney , Public Safety Director Fernandez and Public Works Director Blayton to discuss ways to address the areas identified in the report. Discussion items included the possibility of using speed bumps, and speed humps, additional rumble striping,  and even traffic cameras.

The BRRA Board recently authorized up to $300 to provide additional (off-duty) police coverage during high traffic times and in locations where safety is a strong concern. Three officers were hired for 3 hours each. We have just received the results of that investigation:

Aug 28 Hoard 12 0 5 10
Aug 31 King 4 3 0 6
Sep 5 Shick 9 3 0 19





The Traffic Committee will continue pursuing this line of enforcement and at the same time is investigating the possible use of Driver Feedback Signs.

We thank the community for participating in this important discussion.


NOTE: The Committee is seeking additional members for 2018. If you are interested finding solutions for keeping Barefoot safer with high level connections with North Myrtle Beach City Planning and Public Safety personnel, this is perfect for you! Your volunteer efforts will be worthwhile and appreciated. Contact Ponderosa or fill out a Committee Application form today!