2017 Beach Cabana Report

The Cabana Committee reviews suggestions and concerns regarding the Barefoot Beach Cabana to ensure that the Cabana functions as a major benefit for Barefoot residents for years to come. Suggestions for the betterment of the Cabana are reviewed on a regular basis by the Committee.

The Committee's charge is to review recommendations of potential improvements to the facility and report back to the BRRA with the Committee's recommendation.


Accomplishments over the past year include:

  • New Cabana furniture has been purchased and delivered.
  • Landscape has been upgraded and flowering bushes will also be added in April.
  • Decorative curbing has been installed to help keep the landscape rocks in rock beds

Current Goals:

  • Replacing the handicap elevator, which no longer operates. This is a reserve item replaced every 5 years due to the extensive damage the salt air does to the mechanics. This year the base will be built up to better protect from the elements. Also a roof will be added.  Expected completion is 6-8 weeks; hopefully it will be operational by May 15th. This elevator is for the exclusive use by handicapped persons only.
  • The annual repainting and refurbishing in preparation for the spring season beginning Easter Sunday, April 16. This year the Cabana will sport more color for a beachier appearance.
  • The bathrooms will be spruced up with paint.
  • The lower level showers are being moved to the upper walkway to diminish sand accumulation and drainage problems on the lower level.
  • Card readers are being installed on all three bathroom doors, including the one outside the gate on the ocean side of the Cabana.  This will not only ensure that the facilities are only being used by owners, but also allow access to Barefoot residents year round.

Goals Being Developed

  • Discussions are ongoing regarding the installation of Invisirail on the ocean side to increase the viewing pleasure of deck users.
  • The potential expansion of the Cabana is being reviewed by the BRRA.
  • Costs for a handicap ramp to the beach are being explored.
  • Installation of a webcam to livestream beach conditions is being explored.