2018 BRRA Summary

JANUARY 1, 2019

– Michael Atwood, Former BRRA Board President

Another year has absolutely flown by.  I believe that I can speak on behalf of the Board and our volunteers when I say it has been a very active year.

Board Meetings

The Board had twelve (12) Regular Monthly Board Meetings, numerous Workshops, Town Hall Meetings and an Organizational meeting since the 2017 Annual Meeting.  In addition, the Board members and management are in constant communication whether by phone or by email.

Major Completed Projects

  • Several modifications were made to the ARC Guidelines throughout the year.
  • Many discussions/meetings have been held relative to the Beach Cabana facility. 
  • A structural engineering study was performed of the Beach Cabana.
  • The Board approved additional monitors for the Beach Cabana. 
  • A new fountain was installed within the Bridle Ridge community,
  • A contract with 90 Degree Design was approved for the hosting and maintenance of the website.
  • The Board worked with the Residents' Club Committee to address issues.
  • The Board renewed the contract with Nuisance Wildlife Specialty.
  • One of the fountains in Brookstone was replaced as a reserve expenditure.
  • The Board adopted an Investment Policy.
  • The curbs in Oak Pointe were repaired.
  • Security Vision was approved to install security cameras at the main entrances to the resort as well as upgrades to the Oak Pointe entry system.
  • Thompson Appraisal will perform an insurance appraisal for the assocations' Cabana, Clubhouse and its facilities, fountains, etc.
  • Rules were adopted for the Residents' Club and Beach Cabana along with a collection policy.  These documents along with others will be filed with the Horry County Courthouse by January 10th in order to comply with SC 3886.