2023 Toys for Tots Drive

Drop off Toys for Tots at Ponderosa
Now Thru December 10th

Through the gift of a new toy or book, Marine Toys for Tots programs bring the joy of Christmas and sends a message of hope to America’s disadvantaged children.

To help under privileged children of Horry County have a Merry Christmas, Ponderosa Management is again supporting Toys for Tots this year.

Collection boxes are in the lobby of our on-site office at Barefoot Resort.

Toy donation guidelines:

0-2 Years Old
The best baby toys are ones that are engaging and help them learn and develop their motor skills. Rattles, building blocks, sensory books, and musical toys are all great examples of this. Babies also explore with their mouths so having a safe teether to chew on is always a good idea. All babies need to be warm and cozy as well, so you can never go wrong with gift sets that include clothes, socks, blankets, hats, and gloves.

3-5 Years Old
During ages 3-5, children are full of energy and nearly perfected their motor skills! Now’s the time to get them those fun toys they can begin making memories with. If you’re looking to go big with your gift, a bike with training wheels would be a great gift for a 3-5 year old child. Children this age also love to dress up, so help them explore their fairy princess or super ninja reality with some fun costumes. Children this age like to play pretend as well, so gifting a baby doll, a playhouse, and animal figurines is perfect.

6-10 Years Old
6-10 is a wide age range, but there’s no denying all children between these ages want cool, fun toys! Some toys that are really cool that can also keep their attention for a while are building sets. This includes Legos, transformers, and other simple model sets. If you want a real throwback, you can’t possibly go wrong with Lincoln Logs! In conjunction with building sets, a puzzle might also be a great gift to get them thinking hard.

If you would like to contribute, please drop a new unwrapped toy in the box.