A Message from the President

January 1, 2020

~ Jerry Saxon

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2020 is here and will definitely be an exciting year for Barefoot Resort.  

We’re building a new cabana and will entertain other new projects. It will be a great opportunity for owners to become involved in helping to keep Barefoot Resort a great place to live. Get involved in the many committees that make this such a desirable place to live. The website is the place to stay informed and learn what’s going on.

Every month the Board meets with the Voting Member reps from your neighborhood. Every quarter we have an “open” meeting for all owners to attend. Check the website calendar and make plans to attend. We’re always looking for new people and new ideas. The meetings are a great place and opportunity to meet others in the community and provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas.

We, the Board, are your elected officials. Our job is to insure the financial viability of Barefoot, and insure it remains that way. Utilizing our resources at hand along with sound financial advisors and Ponderosa Management, Barefoot remains a financially secure resort. With your help and input, it will remain that premier place to live.  

Have a healthy and happy 2020!  

Jerry Saxon
President, BRRA