ARC Annual Report

FEBRUARY 1, 2019

– George Griffiths, Chair

The Architectural Committee consists of four voting members and a chairman who presides over the meetings and only votes to break a tie. The Committee has worked together for several years and four members have reviewed over 1000 applications.

In 2018 we reviewed 266 applications and approved 94%. The most commonly approved applications were to “install, enlarge or enclose patios”. There were 52 applications of which 51 were approved. We look at these as capital expenses for the homeowner and a significant value to the community in terms of increasing home values.

We also approved 33 roof replacements. Once again, a capital expenditure for homeowners and value added for the home and community.

Although the guidelines allow the ARC to conduct drive by inspections to monitor whether or not homeowners have submitted applications for improvements to their homes, it is not a practice we employ. However, if a neighbor files a complaint or questions a project, we do investigate. If the homeowner has an approved application the ARC will represent the homeowner. If there is no approved application on file, we will make a site visit and determine if the project is in compliance with the ARC guidelines. If we find the project is not in compliance, we will notify the homeowner and fine them $25 with the stipulation that they come into compliance within 10 days. If they do not bring their project into compliance within 10 days we can, and in most cases, will levy a fine of $25 per day until a remedy is completed. This is a very rare option.

To ensure that a homeowner whose project was not approved has an opportunity to plead their case, the ARC will grant a meeting with the homeowner and their contractor and may reverse their original finding. Hearings of this type are usually used for new construction and grading of property to assure proper water flow. Since we are totally built out this is unlikely to be an issue in the future.

Most importantly, I estimate the amount of money invested by homeowners in 2018 was between $2.2 and $2.5 million in exterior improvements to their property. I would also estimate that at least twice that investment was made in interior improvements.

In 2019 we will start a new program in which we will send a welcoming letter and copy of the guidelines within two months of a home purchase. Homeowners do receive a copy of the ARC guidelines with their closing documents but with all the paper that comes with a new home purchase the guidelines can easily be lost or misfiled.

We are a first class community and an extremely desirable place to live. Despite all the new communities springing up along the Grand Strand our property values are still increasing. The ARC is here to help you realize your dreams and to maintain the harmonious beauty of our community.