ARC Annual Report

February 1, 2020

~ George Griffiths, Chair

2019 was a very good year for both Barefoot and the ARC. First, my estimate for exterior improvements that were approved by the ARC were about $2 million. Interior improvements probably were much greater. Exterior maintenance was great. The Community looks great!

The ARC reviewed 301 applications and approved 292. The top three approvals were 46 roof replacements, 38 enlargements or enclosures of patios and addition of 29 Hurricane shutter systems. With the aging of our homes and climate change increasing chances of more Hurricanes, I would expect to see even more applications for new roofs and Hurricane shutters in 2020.

The high 99% approval rate on applications was not a reflection of a change in ARC policy but better preparation of applications by residents. Improvements in applications were noted as more photographs of areas to be changed, examples of photographs and plans from contractors as to what would be accomplished.

We make changes in the ARC guidelines due to new technology and new design changes throughout the year. All new changes have to be reported to the State of SC by January of each year. In two days of workshops, we made 31 major and minor changes to the Guidelines in November, received Board approval and submitted the updated guidelines to SC by the end of November. The revised Guidelines will be online.

As stated above many maintenance projects were completed in 2019 (most without an inspection). The Board was concerned we needed to keep up with the new developments springing up around us to protect home values. The Board wanted the inspection process to be improved. However, the process was not ideal.

In the upcoming months we plan to work in coordination with the Board and Ponderosa to develop an implementation plan that will be more sensitive but accomplish the stated objective of maintaining the beauty of Barefoot as a desirable place to live.