ARC Annual Report

~ Maryann Giroso, ARC Committee Chair

2022 was another busy year with continued improvements throughout our communities. The ARC saw a total of 222 applications for the year.

Below of the high points of last year’s ARC Committee:


  • 36 Types of Requests
  • 166 Approved
  • 54 Conditionally Approved
  • 2 Disapproved

Top requests were for Patio Enclosures and Storm Door Installations


  • 39 Types of Requests
  • 232 Approved
  • 88 Conditionally Approved
  • 3 Disapproved

Top requests were for Roofs and Patio Enclosures

We are currently working on reviewing and updating our current ARC Guidelines. We will
continue to review homeowner applications and continue with monthly inspections. The
committee looks forward to working with you during your homeowner updates.

BRRA ARC Committee Members

Maryann Giroso, Chair
Ed Curran
Bob Hutton
Bob Romano
Larry Talley
Eric Zimmerman, BRRA Liaison