ARC Annual Report

by George Griffiths, Chair


The ARC was established to maintain the the vision of the developer, maintain the beauty of our Barefoot community, and allow residents of the community to enhance their properties for the purpose of gaining more enjoyment from their Barefoot experience.

In the past year we approved 97% of all applications. 

We made a conscientious decision to table decisions that were not in compliance with the guidelines. but were substantially an improvement to their homes and the community. We communicated with the residents and, in almost all instances, had an agreement that could be approved at the next meeting. 

The ARC Committee meets every two weeks on Wednesdays.

Planning your landscape changes

We have always had guidelines that protect our trees and guidelines for the removal of trees. (Please consult the ARC Guidelines). However, the ARC recognizes that our Barefoot Community was established over a decade ago and trees and bushes grow. We want our Community to present a look reflective of 2017 and represent the beautiful diversity of the wonderful flora of the Grand Strand. 

An important part of your application to remove trees or change landscaping is including your landscaping plan for the future. That will expedite your application. 

One misconception that I would like to change: we do not ride around Barefoot, looking for non compliance. We do ask some applicants to request their neighbors to agree to the applicant's project. That has almost always been successful in maintaining harmony in the neighborhood. 

The ARC Committee is here to help you keep Barefoot the best place to live on the Grand Strand.