Barefoot Caring Council Monthly Spotlight


School Supplies for North Myrtle Beach Elementary Schools

The Barefoot Caring Council helps teachers and students of the three North Myrtle Beach Elementary Schools at the beginning of each school year by purchasing school supplies – notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, etc. The only item teachers ask that we DO NOT purchase are backpacks. All other items are welcome. We will begin collecting school supplies this year from July 27 – August 10, coinciding with South Carolina’s tax-free weekend (August 6-8).

Please drop off items to Eileen Roddy, 5804 Spotted Owl Landing in the Coquina Pointe neighborhood. If not at home, please leave by the front door. Do not bring supplies to the Residents’ Club.

A reminder will be going out as the date gets closer. Thank you for supporting the children of North Myrtle Beach!

Annual Holiday Bazaar

In 2007, Renee Hembree, the wife of our State Senator Greg Hembree, formed the Teen Angels organization. “The mission of this non-profit based in North Myrtle Beach High School’s attendance area is to provide a happy and traditional school experience to homeless and otherwise struggling middle and high school students through community resources.”

Ten years ago, Barefoot resident Phyllis Fessman and Mrs. Hembree formed a partnership that would later be adopted by the Barefoot Caring Council. This partnership created the Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Bazaar which has raised in excess of $80,000 and in Mrs. Hembree’s words:

“Y’all have given away countless scholarships and assisted with rent, helped families whose homes have burned to the ground. Put braces on a high schooler’s teeth, helped kids with cancer and medical bills, food, shelter…the list goes on…mostly you have given kids hope and encouragement that someone cares for them and believes in them and kept them from quitting high school and they went on to graduate!!
Please tell your readers that we have followed many of your kids that went on to college and graduated and have actually given financial assistance back to us later.
…And don’t forget the 100’s of Christmas shopping trips that you all donated for and thousands of dollars in food gift cards that carried kids through the summer and on weekends.”

The popularity of the Bazaar has grown immensely since its inception – resulting in the need for a change of venue from the Residents’ Club to the Golf Clubhouse. And now, due to a lack of adequate square footage and “free” space, we have moved to an on-line approach which allows buyers to participate wherever the internet is available.


The success of this auction has been made possible through the participation of our Barefoot residents. Volunteers from each multi-family and single-family community are needed to spread the word and collect items for “themed” baskets and/or monetary donations. Individual baskets are also welcome.

Information about volunteering, donations, and how to access the site and bid will be forthcoming in the next several months.

If you have questions about Teen Angels or the on-line auction, contact the Holiday Bazaar chairpersons at:

Ann Seplow ( or Marilyn Nairn (