Barefoot Residents’ Club 101

AUGUST 1, 2017

by Robin McCord, Lifestyle Director

& Jane Young, Committee Chair


Management, Leadership, and Budget Guidelines

The purpose of this article is to explain the inner workings and structure of the Barefoot Residents’ Club.


Management/Lifestyle Director

In addition to developing, implementing and overseeing activities and special events, the Barefoot Residents’ Club Lifestyle Director (LD) is responsible for the day-to-day management of all facilities, amenities and budget as they relate to the Residents’ Club. The LD reports directly to the property management company, Ponderosa Management, which in turn reports to the BRRA Board of Directors. 

As manager and under the guidance of the property management company, the LD has the authority to make decisions that affect daily operations, as long as the decisions follow guidelines set forth by the Board. For example, the refrigerator in the kitchen is in need of repair. The LD calls the appropriate repair service to determine the issue. If dollars are less than $1,000, the LD may make the decision to move forward with the repair as necessary. If over $1,000, the LD would obtain three (3) estimates, then submit a recommendation with a request for funds to the Board for approval.

Another example, the pool is cloudy or reportedly dirty. The LD works with the pool maintenance company to determine the cause. In a recent case one of the motors and sand filter was in need of repair. As both parts were under the designated dollar amount, the LD had the authority to facilitate the repair, which was taken care of within 3 days (part ordered on a Friday, delivered and installed on a Monday).

The LD manages any additional staff/vendors needed to maintain the property, i.e. pool monitors, pool maintenance company, landscape company, janitorial company, and gym equipment company.

With guidance from the property management company, the LD determines the yearly operating budget, and oversees all expenses related to such budget. By having this responsibility, the LD can better determine specifically what repairs or potential purchases can be made within a particular calendar year.

The LD also oversees expenditures from the Reserve budget (see below for explanation of both budgets). If, as a resident, you notice anything in need of repair or attention, please contact the Lifestyle Director directly. Contact info is listed at the close of this article.


Leadership/Residents’ Club Committee

While the Lifestyle Director manages the daily operations, it is the leadership of the Residents’ Club Committee (RCC) that helps initiate, facilitate and oversee items that directly impact the overall integrity and longevity of the Residents’ Club facilities and amenities. They deal with such items as: parking lot repaving, repainting of the exterior/interior of the building, possible reconfiguration of the tennis courts, purchase or replacement of interior and exterior furnishings, landscaping, purchase of the new tent, purchase / replacement of pool showers, etc.

They also determine the Rules, Guidelines and Policies for the Residents’ Club (as approved by the BRRA Board).

A few specific examples of their impact include: 

  •  It was determined that pool resurfacing would need to be done at some point. The committee evaluated the status of the surface in 2016, determined that it could last one more year, and that it would be resurfaced in 2018. It is the responsibility of the LD to obtain estimates for such projects. These estimates are then reviewed with the committee, and the committee helps determine which vendor to use. In some cases, a committee member will lend their expertise and work with the LD when dealing with individual vendors. Once a decision is made on the vendor, it is the responsibility of the committee Chairperson to present to the Board recommendations and requests for funds for final work to be completed.
  • There was a consistent request for more shade and seating at the pool; the RCC determined the necessary quantity and initiated the purchase of the additional umbrellas/stands, lounge chairs and high top tables/chairs.
  • We have rented a tent by the pavilion for the last 6 years. The RCC determined that it would be in the best interest of the Residents’ Club to purchase its’ own tent, rather than rent. The response has been overwhelmingly positive on this purchase.

Just as the LD works with both the Operating and Reserve budgets, so does the RCC.

The RCC is currently comprised of seven (7) members (all single family residents), the LD, and a BRRA Board Liaison. While the RCC works very closely with the LD, neither the LD nor Board Liaison are voting members of the Residents’ Club Committee. They are ad-hoc members to offer advice, insight or suggestions. The committee meets at a minimum quarterly, and as necessary to fulfill its duties.

If, as a resident, you have any suggestions or comments regarding the facilities, amenities or Rules, Policies and Guidelines, please contact one of the Residents’ Club Committee members.
Members are listed at the close of this article.