Beach Cabana Annual Report

MARCH 1, 2019

~ Lynne McGinley, Chair

The mission of the Barefoot Beach Cabana Committee is to enhance the cabana for the homeowners and to ensure that the facility functions as a major benefit for Barefoot residents for years to come. The official opening of the cabana is March 25th . The biggest change to the rules and regulations is the towing procedures. Each vehicle is required to have either a green decal permanently affixed to the vehicle or temporary parking permit. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in your vehicle being towed by Coastline Towing Company. There will be no warnings. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all costs associated with the removal of the vehicle from the parking lot.

The following procedures will be used if a vehicle needs to be towed:

  1. Ponderosa will call Coastline Towing.
  2. An employee of Coastline Towing will come to the cabana parking lot to locate vehicle.
  3. An employee of Coastline Towing will photograph every angle of the vehicle before hook-up.
  4. An employee of Coastline Towing will get information from the vehicle (vin number, license number, make and model).
  5. An employee of Coastline Towing will call the information into the police to make a record that the vehicle has been impounded, not stolen.
  6. The vehicle will be taken to Coastline Towing lot where it will remain until the owner contacts them and makes arrangements to pay all charges. Contact information for Coastline will be on the towing notice signs that will be posted at each parking lot.

There will be limited maintenance due to the cabana rebuild. Mainscape will be removing dead bushes from the third parking lot and planting plants in the front of the cabana by the front sidewalk.