Beach Cabana Annual Report

March 1, 2020

The mission of the Barefoot Beach Cabana Committee is to enhance the cabana for the homeowners and to ensure that the facility functions as a major benefit for Barefoot residents for years to come. The committee members review suggestions and concerns from the homeowners and report to the BRRA.


  • Created towing procedures for vehicle without proper decal/temporary parking pass.
  • Updated the cabana rules/regulations and decal for parking.
  • Improved the landscaping (moving plants to the third parking lot).
  • Investigated additional parking lines for the second lot.
  • Found storage for the existing cabana furniture.
  • Assisted Strategic Planning with locations of security cameras for new cabana.
  • Formulated Pet and Smoking policies for the new cabana.
  • Researched additional furniture for the new cabana.
  • New Sound System for the cabana has been completed and reviewed with the Board.
  • Speaker wiring locations have been approved by the Board for wiring.
  • Assisted with color schemes for new cabana (block, siding, floor, tiles, etc.).


  • Creating schedule for cleaning/routine monthly items for new cabana.
  • Finalizing Pet and Smoking policies for new cabana.
  • Presenting furniture selections for the new cabana to the BRRA for approval.
  • Working with Ponderosa to develop staffing plan for new cabana.
  • Updating rules and regulations for new cabana and decal for parking.
  • Discussing pros/cons of reserving the 2nd floor of new cabana.
  • Developing a communication plan for startup of the new cabana.
  • Creating a GRAND OPENING of the new cabana.


  • Purchasing of a beach mat(s) from ramp to beach.
  • Shuffleboard court for the main floor of the new cabana.
  • Routine preventive maintenance checklist with Ponderosa.