Beach Cabana & Western Boundary Wall Update

Cabana Update

The root cause of the elevator issue was identified by Schindler after several on-site service visits.  Specifically, the issue was a manufacturing defect discovered after the elevator doors were disassembled.  The defective parts were replaced and the elevator has been functioning since the repair.  The elevator is under warranty, we have a long term service agreement with Schindler and are continuing to monitor the situation closely.  Please recognize that Schindler is a reputable manufacturer with years of experience and was selected by both the architect and Baldwin construction as a reliable manufacturer for the design, construction and operation of the Cabana.

On March 21, an E-Blast was sent from the Board to bring to the attention of all BRRA residents the violation of Cabana rules and the impact of these violations on Cabana operations and staff.  The BRRA Board and Ponderosa continue to request your support in demonstrating the appropriate behavior when visiting the Cabana.  We have and will continue to make adjustments to Cabana operations to ensure the Cabana is a BRRA amenity that can be enjoyed by all.  Continued violations will require further operational adjustments to the Cabana and will ultimately result in higher costs to all residents for the operation and maintenance of the Cabana.

Western Boundary Wall Update

As-built drawings have been approved by both the city of North Myrtle Beach and Horry County closing out the project with the city and county.  Effort has been initiated to complete the final easement agreements and obtain home owner signatures.  Once the agreements are completed and signed, they will be filed with Horry County.

Permacast was on site March 3, 2022 to perform a six month inspection and identified several wall panels requiring repair to the bottom support blocks.  Permacast is developing a repair plan and is expected back on site in the next few weeks to complete the repairs.