Bylaws Amendment passed

2017 JUNE


The following amendment to the BRRA Bylaws officially passed and was announced at a Special Meeting on May 15, 2017. The first amendment tallied 71% in favor; the second, 63.9% in favor.

The Board requested the amendments in order to make the language of the document compliant with actual practice since inception of the Association. Minor verbiage changes were required regarding the timing of the Annual Meeting and the Organizational Meeting of the BRRA.



2.3 Annual Meetings. The first meeting of the Association, whether a regular or special meeting, shall be held within one year from the date of incorporation of the Association. Meetings shall be of the Voting Members. Subsequent regular annual meetings shall be set by the Board so as to occur during the fourth quarter of the Association's fiscal year on a date and at a time set by the Board.

3.7 Organizational Meetings. The first meeting of the Board following each annual meeting of the membership shall be the Organizational Meeting for the election of officers, designation of Committee Chairs and Liaisons, and establishment of the schedule of meetings held no later than 30 days after official publication of the results of the BRRA election of Directors, once all Directors for the following year are known at such time and place as the Board shall fix. The first Regular Meeting of the new Board shall be held after January 1 of the year following that Board’s Organizational Meeting.   At the discretion of the Board, one or more of whose members’ terms are ending, it may agree to invite incoming Board members to attend any of its Special, Regular or informational meetings for the purpose of acquainting them with current issues or for any other appropriate purpose.


The Board of Directors requested the Voting Members of each community poll the members of his/her neighborhood to obtain the community's position regarding the amendments. Voting Members were asked to cast a vote for the neighborhood on proxy votes. The proxies were due to be returned to Ponderosa Management by Friday, May 12, 2017.