Cabana Beach Sweep

NOVEMBER 1, 2017

– Anne Kepple, Cabana Committee Chair


On Saturday October 7th, seven women met over at the Beach Cabana to help the city of North Myrtle Beach in a *Beach Sweep*. Our instructions were to pick up trash from the dunes as well as the Cabana property and our beach front. We worked for a couple of hours cleaning our property as well as the neighboring properties. The city provided *pickers* and we supplied our plastic bags. This sweep only takes place twice a year, so that means only twice a year can anyone go into the dunes to clean them. 

Some of the things we picked up were a couple hundred cigarettes butts, bottle caps, cans, bottles (one was still full of beer), paper, plastic bags, and we even found a painted rock! 

The wonderful industrious group who gave up a Saturday morning to remove debris from the dunes close to the Barefoot Beach Cabana included:

  • Anne Kepple (Greenbriar)
  • Janet Sai (Greenbriar)
  • Sandy Swartz (Dye Estates)
  • Pat Henry (Bridle Ridge)
  • Trish Morris (Willow Bend)
  • Sarah Burgan (Tanglewood)
  • Karen Schwartz (Longbridge)

This sweep will take place again in the Spring. I hope to see more of you out to help us next time. I would also like to thank the seven ladies who volunteered their time to make our beautiful beach front property "shine" again.