City Liaison Report

~ Neal Witkin, BRRA Board Secretary, City Liaison

The most recent city council meeting was held on October 3rd and at that meeting, there was a first reading of the Lauret Associates Tract Development Agreement regarding 221.4 acres off Watertower Road and Long Bay Road. This planned development will have 546 units consisting of rental units. The Rental Agreement reads as follows: “Minimum term of any rental agreement shall be 6 months, provided that following any such initial 6-month period, residential leases may be extended for periods of less than 6 months to the same tenant, provided such extensions are for successive periods of not less than 30 days.”

The onsite amenities will include a swimming pool of not less than 2,500 square feet together with not less than 3,500 square feet of pool deck with a clubhouse and restrooms. Construction of the amenities will begin on or before the issuance of the 120th building permit for residential units and shall be completed with a CO prior to the issuance of a building permit for the 150th residential unit.

I believe this item was postponed by the council until the October 17th meeting.

Jerry Saxon and myself met with the mayor on September 19th to discuss the dirty sidewalks and bridge in Barefoot and asked the city if they would approach the builder of the Sea Glass Cottages to see if they might support Barefoot with pressure washing the dirt and grime build up due to the truck traffic in our community. Having taken photos of the Brookstone and Longbridge sidewalks and the R31 bridge; I passed them on to the city Manager for his inspection and hopefully support in getting some cleanup assistance. At this time, I have not heard back from the city manager but will follow up with him at the next council meeting.