City of North Myrtle Beach Hurricane Preparedness Information

September 1, 2019

While we are in the midst of hurricane season, an increased number of storms are forecast for the Atlantic Ocean. The information contained in this article may help you to better prepare for whatever may come our way.

Evacuation Route

If the Governor orders an evacuation that includes all or part of North Myrtle Beach, people located north of Briarcliffe Acres must evacuate via SC 9 North to I-95 and beyond. This requirement is part of the overall Horry County evacuation plan, which is based on the South Carolina Hurricane Evacuation Study for the Northern Conglomerate released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2012.

Do you know your ZONE?

Different areas of Horry County have been assigned different “zones” with respect to the potential impact of hurricane storm surge on a given land area. If the Governor orders an evacuation, he usually identifies the evacuation zones included in his order. Evacuation zones in Horry County are:

Zone A

All areas east of U.S. Business 17 up to the intersection with US 17. All areas east of U.S. 17 to the northern county line.

Zone B

All areas south of S.C. 707 and Longwood Drive, including all areas in Longwood Plantation (Blackmoor) to the Waccamaw River and all areas east of U.S. 17 Bypass (Mark Garner Highway) to U.S. 17 (North Kings Highway) and all areas east of U.S. 17 (North Kings Highway) to the northern county line.

Zone C

All areas between U.S. 701 and S.C. 544, south of Brown’s Chapel Avenue and Hwy. 814, plus all areas east of S.C. 31 (Carolina Bays Parkway) to S.C. 90 and all areas east of S.C. 90 to U.S. 17 to the northern county line.

For more information on evacuation zones, visit and look under Emergency Management.

City of North Myrtle Beach Reentry Procedure

The City of North Myrtle Beach does not require filing residency or business information prior to a storm. The City's goal is to return property owners and others to North Myrtle Beach as soon as possible to help in recovery.

Business owners with employees who do not reside in the city limits but are essential to business recovery should provide the employees with a letter on company letterhead identifying them as essential to recovery. Use the employee name shown on their driver’s license.

Returning North Myrtle Beach property owners, renters and business owners should be prepared to show a driver’s license, recent water bill or property tax bill, rental agreement, or other form of ID proving residency or property ownership.

As you pass through other jurisdictions on your way back to North Myrtle Beach, you may encounter different requirements.