Fall 2019 Beach Sweep Success

November 1, 2019

~ Anne Kepple

On Saturday, October 12th I had 66 people show interest in helping to keep our beaches and sand dunes clean. Two classes from NMB High School were also included in the sweep. We met at the public access at 46 Avenue South and I broke everyone into three groups. The students were dropped off at 33 Avenue and walked down to 39th where another group walked from 39th back to 46th. No one is allowed on the dunes except twice a year when our group has permission to do so. I also took a group to the Beach Cove, down beside North Beach Plantation, and they walked up to 46th.

We all returned back to 46th where we had coffee, donuts, and water for our walkers. That's where we did a quick inventory of what was in their bags. As you can see from the pictures we had a variety of memorable trinkets found and then they were able to recycle the cans, plastic bottles and glass.

*My Coast* sponsors this sweep twice a year (Spring and Fall). We estimate how much trash was picked up and it's recorded on the *My Coast* phone app.

Thank you ALL for showing up and helping. This is such a beneficial project and we can't thank you enough for making it so successful. Our group had the Windy Hill section of NMB.

We have more and more volunteers each time and again… Thank You!