January Barefoot Crime Statistics

APRIL 1, 2018

North Myrtle Beach Officer William McLeod has provided the following Public Safety crime report for Barefoot during the month of January 2018. This report is posted monthly for your information.

Our BRRA Neighborhood Watch Committee and block captains from all Barefoot neighborhoods actively partner with the NMB police to bring information to the residents and keep the police informed about any unusual activity in our communities. We are fortunate to live in a low crime area.

There were 134 reports for Barefoot Resort:

These calls resulted in the following reports:

Accidents: 2
Alarms: 31
Animal Control: 2
Attempt to Locate: 1
Breaking & Entering: 2
Burglary: 1
Child Abuse: 1
Civil Dispute: 1
Complaints: 3
Criminal Domestic Violence: 2
Disabled Vehicles: 2
Domestic Violence: 1
Fraud: 4
Illegal Gaming: 1
Larceny: 1
Misdemeanor Warning Ticket: 1
Motor Vehicle Violations: 28
Non-Motor Vehicular Tickets: 1
Property Check: 1
Public Assistance: 5
Public Disorderly Conduct: 4
Suicide Attempt: 1
Suspicious Activity: 9
Threats: 1
Traffic Stops: 27
Wellness Check: 1

See Full Report Here