Joint Committee Annual Report

The North Tower Pool facility will open on Friday, April 1st. The facility hours are 9 AM until 10 PM. Music by the Pool will resume at the North Tower Sunday, April 9th from 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM. The beach shuttle will start running weekends only on April 1st.

The Joint Committee (JC) is the overseeing organization for the Barefoot Resort Residential Owners’ Association (BRRA) and the Nonresidential Association (NRA). In other words, the JC has oversight over all of Barefoot Resort (excluding Tuscan Sands) for single family and multi-family residents.

The Joint Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all common areas. This includes the landscape overlay, irrigation, and street lights on all spine roads (Club Course Drive, Marsh Glen Drive, Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, Windy Hill Extension, Catalina Drive, Oyster Catcher Drive, Par Avenue, Village Crossing Boulevard, Premier Resorts Boulevard, Harbor Pointe Drive, and Links Drive).

The JC is also responsible for the North Tower Pool & Spa, an amenity shared by both the BRRA and NRA Associations.

All owners contribute to paying these maintenance costs in their monthly HOA fees. One-third (1/3) of the common expenses are allocated to members of the NRA and two-thirds (2/3) of the common expenses are allocated to members of the BRRA.

The Joint Committee is made up of five (5) members. Two (2) are appointed by the BRRA and three (3) are appointed by the NRA.

Summary of Duties…

As outlined in the Joint Committee Bylaws:

  • Prepare and adopt annual budgets for the common expenses and establish each unit’s share of cost;
  • Levy and collect assessments;
  • Provide for the operation, care, upkeep, and maintenance of all common areas;
  • Mediate and arbitrate disputes between the members or between two (2) or more owners who are not members of the same Association.

Renter Reminder: Use of the North Tower Pool…

If you rent or plan to rent your unit, on a short term basis, under one year, you will need renter cards that will only access the North Tower Pool & Spa and your community pool; however, the renter cards will not allow access to the Beach Cabana parking lot.

Joint Committee Association Board Members

Michael Atwood, President
(Representing BRRA)
Anne Castro, Vice President
(Representing BRRA)
Tom Staats, Secretary & Treasurer
(Representing NRA)
Holly Casper
, Director at Large
(Representing NRA)
Rick Couture, Director at Large
(Representing NRA)