New lift being installed at Cabana

AUGUST 1, 2017

The new elevator / lift is in the process of being installed at the Barefoot Beach Cabana to provide cabana access to those in our commuity who have disabilities.

This lift is manufactured by Savaria who is one of the leading vertical lift transportation manufactures in the elevator industry. Their robust design and long standing reputation is why we have chosen to provide this product.  

The advantages and benefits of this new lift vs the old lift are as follows: 

  • All vandal screws to assembly the entire unit to avoid tampering.
  • All wires are in one single cable inside a protective coating in lieu of the old one that had separate wires unprotected. This will help avoid water damage and dry rotting of the wires from the sun and salt air.
  • All wiring is encased in the frame of the lift in lieu of exposed wiring with the old system.  This, too, will help in protecting this lift from water damage and exposed wires that become brittle from salt and sun.
  • Entire lift is waterproof with the ceiling canopy, in lieu of the old unit having no canopy to protect it from the rain and overall salt environment.
  • Entire lift is aluminum with reinforced steel base, in lieu of metal tower that will not hold up to the beach environment. Base and frame are much heavier design for smooth operation.  The new lift is almost 500 lbs heavier.
  • Entrance doors are 4” wider than the old unit allowing larger entrance and exit. 
  • This lift is a hydraulic system utilizing a piston ram, in lieu of the old lift that was raised and lowered by a large screw.   This new unit will run much smoother without the old vibrations from the screw design that over time gets gear wear from not only usage, but also sand sticking to the screw design along with rust from being exposed.
  • This unit has a full entrance door at the top landing, in lieu of the half swing door with the old lift.
  • All hall pushbutton fixtures are waterproof, vs not with old lift
  • All handles, hinges exposed on this unit are made of stainless steel, in lieu of painted steel or metal. (pic)

Overall, we ordered the very best lift in the marketplace with parts support for years to come with this manufacturer (Savaria), along with the environmental package that is designed for this application.

Installation Schedule

  • Friday, July 28, the tower build was completed.
  • Monday, July 31, we will be utilizing a crane to install the hydraulic unit inside the tower. Forklift will be left on site until Monday due to the weight of this equipment to assist the crane.
  • Tuesday, August 1, the lift will be tested and installation completed.
  • State inspection is set for August 8 due to there only being one state SCLLR inspector that covers this area.  We are working to improve the state inspection schedule and have asked them to help us out if any cancellations occur.