Palmetto Priority “Keeping Restaurant Staff & Customers Safe”

Gov. Henry McMaster announced a new initiative aimed at keeping restaurant staff and customers safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Palmetto Priority initiative encourages restaurants to follow federal and state health regulations, such as staff wearing masks and tables and menus sanitized after each customer visit. This is a voluntary program.

All employees of the restaurant will be required to complete an online test. Once all employees and management have completed the test, the restaurant will be issued a Palmetto Priority Seal. The seal will be displayed as you enter the restaurant.

Managers of the restaurant must complete the ServSafe Reopening Guidance: COVID-19 Precautions. The restaurant must adhere to the minimum standards as outlined by the SCRLA Restaurant Reopening Guidance. Restaurants who do not comply will lose the seal if they’re found to not be in compliance four times.