Residents’ Club Committee Annual Report

June 1, 2021

~ Maria T Candamil, Committee Chair

About the Committee

The Residents’ Club Committee, made up of five to seven volunteer members from the Single-Family communities and appointed by the BRRA Executive Board, has the primary mission of advising the BRRA Board on the operational needs and maintenance of the Residents’ Club facilities. These duties and functions do not include the recreational programs and social activities, which are the responsibilities of the Lifestyle Director, but do extend to recommendations on the upkeep of the grounds and facilities at the Club. In addition, the Committee provides input to the Lifestyle Director for the preparation of the annual budget.

This Past Year…

This past year has been challenging for the Residents’ Club. Since the facility was closed for most of the year, the Committee decided to focus on updating and modernizing the physical part. In the main room, the card tables were replaced, many of the chairs reupholstered, a new couch, side tables, and area rugs purchased. We were able to donate many of the replaced items to ECHO, a local non-profit which serves the low-income and homeless. The pool table’s bumpers, pockets, and felt were replaced. The old A/V equipment was replaced with a Smart TV. The floors were re-stained and the doors repainted along with new hardware. In the future we are hoping to repaint the interior for a brighter and lighter color scheme.

On the exterior, the main building, pool house, tennis court bathroom, gazebo, and storage building were repainted including window frames. The pool house had to be repaired, cracked pool tiles replaced, along with repairs to the playground equipment. During routine maintenance of the air conditioning system, a leak was found in one of the units serving the main room, so it was replaced.

I hope you have a wonderful summer enjoying the updated Residents’ Club.

Committee Members

Maria Candamil, Chairperson
Alice McLaughlin
Maureen O’Callaghan
James Roddy
Fred Scott
Neil Why
Anne Castro, Board Liaison
Chelsea McLoughlin, Lifestyle Director