Spring Beach Sweep was Another Success

JUNE 1, 2019

~ Anne Kepple

The spring beach sweep was another success. I would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped us out this year. We had 31 people show up to help and they worked in the dunes as well as the beach side. Bags were full of *treasures* as I called in my report to My Coast. These volunteers covered the Windy Hill section of NMB. We allocated a 2-hour time frame for this project, but we've found that the job can be done in much less time. Thank you again, volunteers.

We had a special treat this year. The *Saloon Queens* volunteered their time and donated delicious food to us. They brought to the volunteers' breakfast sliders, raspberry lemonade and a delicious strawberry cake. Thank you again, Arielle and her sister. As always we also had coffee and donuts for everyone.

Another successful beach cleanup is behind us. We will do this again in the fall and hope to see many of you back again next time. I would like to invite anyone interested in keeping our beaches and dunes clean to join us this fall again. Notification will be sent out a couple of weeks prior to the project beginning.

Thank you all again..Sandy Swartz, Melanie Pudelko, Jamie and Amy Hancock, Marti and Matt Nealot, Jim Scanlon, Rocky and Connie Rockwell, Chuck and Mary Ellen Carpeta, Marie and Bob Chaisson, Jean Reeder, Sharon Snow, Lynne Sullivan, AnneMarie Safara, Margie Hebden, Barbara O'Mahen, Robin and Barb Grote, Diane and Larry Adams, Cathy and Ray-J Joplin, Larry and Deb Dunham, and Alice McLaughlin for your time and effort.