Spring Cabana Beach Sweep

MAY 1, 2018

– Anne Kepple, Cabana Committee

On Saturday April 21st, eight barefoot residents met over at the Beach Cabana to help the city of North Myrtle Beach in the semi-annual Beach Sweep.

Our instructions were to pick up trash from the dunes as well as the Cabana property and our beach front. We worked for a couple of hours cleaning our property as well as the neighboring properties. The city provided “pickers” and we supplied our plastic bags. This sweep only takes place twice a year, so that means only twice a year is anyone allowed to go into the dunes to clean them.

We cleaned the grounds of the Beach Cabana, all three parking lots, and walked the sand dunes. When we finished our area, we also walked the dunes down two properties on either side, as well as the beach.

Some of the things we picked up were a couple hundred cigarettes butts, glass beer bottles, golf balls, a waffle ball, many plastic water bottles, lots of plastic bags, aluminum cans, a baseball, pieces of pipe, and styrofoam containers!

This sweep will take place again in the Fall. I hope to see more of you out to help us next time. I would also like to thank the wonderful homeowners who volunteered their time to make our beautiful beach front property "shine" again.