Strategic Planning Committee Annual Report

~ Steve Peregoy, Committee Liaison ~

The Strategic Planning Committee was assigned the task of evaluating the viability and suitability of Tract 31 for future amenity development. Tract 31 is a parcel of land owned by the BRRA, and is adjacent to Clearwater Bay, and the Norman Golf Course holes 7 & 8. While any future amenity development of Tract 31 (if any) is very long term, it is important to understand if the property could support the type of structures and additional amenities that would be relevant to Barefoot.

Single family communities have access to amenities such as the Residents Club that are not currently available to multi-family communities. There were essentially 2 components of what the Board asked the Committee to do.

  1. Develop a high level concept plan to identify the types of amenities available in similar resort communities to Barefoot.
  2. Using the concept plan engage technical resources such as land developers and engineers to ascertain the viability of the property to support the concept plan. (i.e structures such as a clubhouse, indoor pool, pickle ball courts, etc.)

The committee benchmarked amenities offered in communities such as Dell Webb, and other Grand Strand resorts. On site visits were conducted by the committee. The committee also engaged technical resources with Board approval to conduct studies of the land and soil composition. The committee also worked closely with the golf course on this assignment.

The conclusion of the technical and geographical studies was that the property is viable to support the concept plan. Therefore the committee assignment on Tract 31 is complete.

The whole subject of Tract 31 has been turned back to the Board. Again any movement of this project is long term, and competes with other priorities that the Association currently has.

Committee Members

Stephanie Hudson
Richard Furst
Terry Magee
David VandeLinde
Nancy Carder
Jim Shoemaker
Steve Peregoy, Board Liaison