Strategic Planning Committee Report

AUGUST 1, 2018

– Joe Savino, Committee Chair

Strategic Planning and Development Committee (SPDC)

2018 Annual Report

Before detailing the activities of the SPDC for this year I thought it would be beneficial to list the responsibilities of the SPDC as stated in the SPDC Charter.


The SPDC and its members serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. The SPDC provides the Board of Directors with on-going strategic planning support to ensure community needs are met and to optimize resources. The primary responsibility is to draft and update annually a thoughtful, cost effective strategic plan that addresses both short (annual) and long-term (5 to 10 years) community goals. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Engage the community in identifying concerns and potential projects for community improvement and quality of life interests. The committee may conduct any of the following activities to solicit input and provide feedback to the Board, the Voting Members, and the community.
    • Periodic electronic surveys
    • Community focus group or workshops (annually or as needed)
    • Meetings with Voting Delegates
    • Send email-blasts
    • Post website forms to garner homeowner-initiated comments
  2. Serve as a sounding board for Board of Director ideas
  3. Conduct high-level feasibility studies for ideas and proposed projects; document pros and cons and rough cost estimates
  4. Develop recommended proposed projects priorities
  5. Maintain situational awareness of ongoing projects under other committees’ purview for consideration in strategic planning and continuous advisory support to the committees and the Board
  6. Draft BRRA Strategic Plan; review the plan and recommend updates annually
  7. Form sub-committees and working groups to accomplish the various tasks and goals of the SPDC.

This year the SPDC completed the following surveys:

  • Fence Survey
  • Cabana Survey
  • Tract 31 Survey

The SPDC is presently working on the following projects:

  • Card Reader Survey
    The Barefoot communities collectively have at least 5 access providers, two of which are outside (other than Ponderosa) management companies. Home purchasers in those communities must source access for gates, building, pools, the Cabana, etc from two different sources. Having multiple providers makes it nearly impossible to produce master reports. Moving to one system should provide better overall security, the ability to collect data, and theoretically through volume reduce total expense.
  • Barefoot Telephone Book
    There are 26 different communities in Barefoot and there is no listing for all the residents of Barefoot other than what is on the Web site, which can be challenging for those residents that are not comfortable with using a computer. The SPDC will be seeking the community’s interest in having a printed phone book listing all residents from the 26 communities.
  • Development of a Strategic Plan for the BRRA
    The committee is in the process of writing the first draft of this plan, which should be presented to the BRRA in September.  As stated in the SPDC Charter this plan will outline the Short (annual) and Long term (5-10 year) community goals.