JANUARY 1, 2019

– Bobbi Reeves

Thank you for your participation in the Town Hall Meetings and the polling process for the proposed new Beach Cabana.  We implemented Google Forms which is a Web based App that tracks the input for those homeowners who chose to respond using the online App. It was a success and a method that will be considered for future BRRA projects.  A big thank you to the Voting Members who provided their community poll responses in the form of an excel spreadsheet.

Here are the results!

1,432 responses

66.4% Yes   33.6% No

Total Yes: 951      Total No: 481

Comments from the BRRA Community

Thank you for having the Town Hall Meetings. I attended three out of the four. I found the meetings very informative and am excited about the new Beach Cabana. Having a real elevator would be great for my parents. Having the Town Meetings was the best idea ever. This is the type of communication we need. Thank you!

Attended the first Town Hall Meeting. We found it very informative and eye opening as per all the negativity displayed by many residents. We hope the silent majority at that meeting was of a different opinion and more positive towards the building proposal.

As a person with multiple disabilities, I am very excited about the new cabana. It sounds like it is going to be 100% ADA compliant and I love the idea of having the elevator so that I can go to the cabana whenever I want. Thank you!

It is our opinion that having a new Cabana will improve our Barefoot community and benefit all who visit the beach. In addition, this fine amenity will help maintain and improve our property values in a very positive way.

Looking forward to the beautiful new cabana. Great news! Thanks to all involved for getting this project off the ground.

Just wanted to say Thank You for all of your efforts on the new Cabana project.

I really didn't think it would turn out any differently. TOTALLY AMAZING!

On Friday, December 21, 2018, a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors was held with the Voting Members at the Lakeside Conference Center. The purpose of the meeting was to address the responses from the Beach Cabana Poll and to vote on how to proceed. A motion was made to move forward with the new Beach Cabana with associated costs to be negotiated throughout the process of contractor selection. The motion was seconded. The vote…. six “ayes”. The Board voted unanimously in favor of proceeding with the construction of a new Beach Cabana. Motion carried and adopted.