Traffic Committee Annual Report

September 1, 2019

– Scott Slater, Committee Chair

During 2019, the Traffic Committee worked in conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch Committee to ensure traffic related issues in Barefoot were addressed in a timely manner.

The Committee provided recommendations to the Board regarding the upgrade of the original security camera system that was installed in 2009. Based on these recommendations, the Board approved replacing the out-dated system, and the new system was installed in May.

The Traffic Committee also worked with the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety to establish periodic patrols in an effort to reduce speeding throughout Barefoot. The Traffic Committee also requested that electronic traffic speed warning devices be set up at various positions in Barefoot, as well as to have NMB Public Safety patrol vehicles stationed randomly throughout Barefoot Resort spine roads to act as speed deterrents.

In 2020, the Committee will continue to stay abreast of traffic related issues and pursue other means of controlling the number of drivers not obeying the posted speed limits in Barefoot.