Update on the Shops at Barefoot Village

NOVEMBER 1, 2018

Above is a photo showing the construction progress of the Shops at Barefoot Village.  It won't be long before you'll be shopping here.

Construction on the Shops at Barefoot Village is progressing. One commercial lot (.9 acres) will become the site of the first phase of commercial development, one lot (.54 acres) will remain common area for the development, and the third lot (9.15 acres) will be subdivided to create the future phases of development at a later date.

The plan also includes the first phase of a 100 foot public right-of-way, called Village Hill Drive, that will eventually fully connect Village Crossing Boulevard to Premier Resorts Boulevard. In the interim, the plat creates an easement allowing for a 100 foot diameter temporary turn-around at the end of Village Hill Drive.

Village Hill Drive will be a two-lane divided roadway with angled parking, planted median, sidewalks, tree lawn, and twelve-foot travel lanes. Setbacks, design standards, and landscaping conform to the standards of the Barefoot Resort PDD.