Website Analytics for March

April 1, 2021

We invite you to come back monthly to see an updated summary of this website's performance. See for yourself how many Barefoot owners are visiting

Device Usage

The graph above shows the device usage for March.  

  • 50.50% owners visited the website from a desktop computer 
  • 44.05% owners visited the website from a mobile device
  • 5.45% owners visited the website from a tablet 

The desktop usage decreased where mobile increased this month.  Tablet usage stayed the same.

March Page Behavior

  • The home and login pages continue to get the most page views.
  • The next most viewed pages in March were:
    1. Beach Cabana Page
    2. Beach Cabana & Western Boundary Wall Update News Article
    3. Beach Cabana Committtee Annual Report News Article
    4. Welcome Your New Neighbors News Article
    5. Beach Cabana Construction Page