Website Performance

NOVEMBER 1, 2017


We invite you to come back monthly to see an updated summary of this website's performance. See for yourself how many Barefoot owners are visiting

Neighborhood Registration Summary

Below is a chart that shows you the neighborhoods and the percentage of registered owners, in order of most to least.  We are excited to see our owners interested in this website and hope to make it a resource of information that keeps our residents coming back.

October Page Behavior

  • The homepage and login page continue to get the most page views (as expected).
  • The top 10 most viewed pages in October were:
    1. Home
    2. Login
    3. About Barefoot
    4. Ponderosa Management
    5. Owner Registration
    6. Beach Cabana
    7. BRRA Contacts
    8. Cabana Refurbishment Project
    9. BRRA Neighborhoods
    10. Residents' Club

October Emails

The eblast with the highest open rate in October was the Beach Sweep announcement at 64.7%.  Only one other eblast was sent in October which was a correction to the Beach Sweep announcement receiving a 54.7% open rate.