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Welcome your New Neighbors

January 1, 2022

Please welcome your new neighbors and introduce them to

Arbor Trace Angela & Ronald McCall
Alan & Karen Cohen
Blackwater Townhomes
Bridle Ridge
Cedar Creek
Clearwater Bay Henry & Carole Horvat
Coquina Pointe
Cypress Bend William & Bonnie Adamski
Cmar Leblanc & Jeffrey Cmar
Dye Estates Robert & Janine Acceturo
Daryl Leduc
Dye Townhomes
Edgewater Tony & Sharon Fogleman
Donald & Terry Slomcinsky
Greenbriar Jerry Jackson
Craig & Goldie Campbell
Harbour Cove Kenneth & Karen McElroy
Mark & Linda Quilter
Curtis & Ruth Pyrant
Havens Ralph Robertson & Steven Shaw
Gary & Theresa Potts
William, Janice & Edward Sinchuk
Denny & Myrtle Hess
Heron Bay/Egret Run Bradford & Jennifer Walters
Karen Gardner & Thomas Souza
Ironwood Patrick & Glenda Brown
Keith & Lynn McKee
Bruce Kasper & Kapser Atkins
Oak Pointe
Park Hill
River Crossing Annamarie & Richard Fletcher
Gregory & Debra Bentzel
Tammy Taylor
John Sill
William Albrecht & Carmelita Darby
Tanglewood Georgeann Pitman, Anthony & Sherry Pitt
Wedgewood RKL Rentals, LLC
William & Natalie Hucke
Brian & Marie Robinson
Willow Bend Terry Hollinger
Earl & Helene Alcott
Gary Franchi & Josie Lanzuela
Noreen Collins James & Suzanne Hansen Joyce Parton


Welcome to NEW OWNERS in Barefoot!


If we have missed you and you would like your name published, please contact the Web Manager: