Wyndham Garden Hotel… Update

DECEMBER 1, 2017

Written with the assistance of Aaron Rucker, North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission

Barefoot residents are keenly aware of the daily changes occurring along Barefoot Resort Bridge Road in front of the driving range. Clearly construction is in progress. 

Barefoot master developer and golf courses owner Samuel W Puglia is proceeding with the plan to construct a Wyndham Garden Hotel on this location. The elevations and application process was approved by the City in 2014; elevation drawings were approved August 2016. The recent elevation drawings are consistent with the 2014 proposal, with the exception of the proposed condominium building which is not included.

The proposed construction includes a 4-story hotel with 138 rooms and a 1500 sq ft restaurant serving hotel guests.

Included in the hotel amenities are an outside pool and bocce court. The hotel total square footage is just under 88,000 sq ft. The parking lot is planned for a total of 219 spaces, including 7 handicap spaces.

The landscape plan calls for planting just over 400 trees / shrubs, including 67 new trees and 335 new shrubs. These plantings may be a combination of American Holly evergreen canopy trees, Crape Myrtle, and Indian Hawthorne.

The land parcel (Tax Map 155-00-01-125) is 4.76 acres along Barefoot Resort Bridge Road starting at the current road to the driving range and proceeding south to the Tuscan Sand development. This project encompasses 3.76 acres of the parcel. There will be two entrances / exits: one on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road; the other at the driveway leading to Putter’s Pub.

The building construction permits are ready to be issued.

Below is the revised elevation plan.