Wyndham Hotel Work Stoppage

MAY 1, 2018

– Pat Dowling, NMB Public Information

What has happened with construction at the driving range hotel? Many residents are concerned with the prolonged work stoppage at the location of the future Wyndham Hotel on Barefoot Resort Bridge Road.

According to Patrick Dowling of the North Myrtle Beach City Public Information office, apparently, this is a temporary work stoppage until funds from overseas can successfully be wired to the contractor to pay for the most recent phase of work accomplished. It is our understanding that the wire transfer has genuinely been attempted but was blocked, perhaps because of the amount or point of origin or some other U.S. program that tracks, assesses, and then allows large transactions. (All guesses.)

It appears that all parties are talking and working together in an effort to resolve the challenge and the developer has not walked away from the project.

It is also our understanding that once the transfer of money owed to the contractor is complete, the developer's approved bank loan will kick in and work will resume.