Year to Date ARC Report

Below is a list of the most recent updates which include requests to and decisions made by the Barefoot Resort Residential Association’s Architectural Review Committee.

January 1, 2022 – September 21, 2022

Awning 2 Approved
Bahama Shutters 1 Conditional
Color Change (Door) 3 Approved
Color Change (Home) 1 Approved
Color Change (Shutter) 4 Approved
Driveway Upgrades (Pavers, Stain) 3 Approved
Entrance Monuments 2 Approved
Equipment Screening 1 Conditional
Erosion Prevention 1 Conditional
Fence 8 6 Conditional, 2 Disapproved
Flag Installation 1 Conditional
Front Door Replacement 5 Approved
Garage Door Relocation 1 Conditional
Generator 6 Conditional
Home Addition 2 Conditional
Hurricane Shutters 2 Conditional
Landscape Enhancement 13 Approved
Landscape Lighting 1 Conditional
Light Replacement (Garage) 2 Approved
Patio Door Replacement 2 Approved
Patio Enclosure 34 Approved
Patio Upgrade (Enlarge, Pavers, Stain) 13 Approved
Patio Walkway 2 Approved
Pool 1 Approved
Propane Tank 2 Conditional
Privacy Fence 1 Conditional
Retaining Wall 2 Conditional
Roof Replacement 4 Approved
Satellite Dish 1 Conditional
Sidewalk Addition 1 Approved
Storm Door 27 Approved
Tree Removal 15 Conditional
Tile from Concrete on Walkway 1 Approved
Window Replacement 5 Approved

Recap Summary

January 1 through September 21, 2022, the ARC Committee has reviewed 170 applications.

Year-to-date application approval rate is 99% approved.

Please note that all applications are considered on a case by case basis and approved on the individual merit of the application.