2019 BRRA Summary

January 1, 2020

– Joe Gosiewski, Former BRRA Board President

Another year has flown by. I believe that I can speak on behalf of the Board and our volunteers when I say it has been a very active year.

Board Meetings

The Board has had 12 Regular Monthly Meetings, numerous Workshops, Town hall Meetings, and an Organizational meeting since the 2018 Annual Meeting. In addition, the Board members and management are in constant communication whether by phone or by email.

Major Completed Projects

  • Structural Study of the Residents’ Club provided by Becht Engineering.
  • 2018 Audit Report.
  • Reserve Study for the Master Association provided by Giles Forsyth.
  • Installation of an ionization system at the Residents’ Club Pool.
  • Appointment of Committee Members and Board Member Liaisons to each Committee.
  • Renewed the Ponderosa Management Contract for a three year term.
  • Entered into contract with JM Allen Construction & Excel Construction for the demolition and new construction of the Beach Cabana.
  • Entered into contract with D3G Architects for the design of the Beach Cabana Facility.
  • Approved an addendum to the management contract for Ponderosa Maintenance & Construction for the Facilities Management of the Cabana construction.
  • Approved the replacement of the HVAC equipment in the Residents’ Club gym.
  • Due to issues with the Monitoring Company hired for the Residents’ Club and Beach Cabana; a new contract was entered into with Platinum Security for the Residents’ Club. The Beach Cabana Staff monitored the Beach Cabana facility.
  • Approved the striping of one (1) of the tennis courts.
  • Approved the Insurance Policy Renewal as presented by Waccamaw Insurance.
  • Approved Earthworks Group for the Boundary & Topographic Survey of the seventy-six (76) properties along Water Tower Road.
  • Approved the painting and repair of the playground equipment at the Residents Club.
  • Many discussions/meetings have been held relative to the Beach Cabana Facility.