2024 BRRA Committees & Board Meetings

The Barefoot Resort Residential Association has made the following decisions regarding 2024 BRRA Committees. Below is listed each Committee and a brief description of its role.

Architectural Review Committee

Reviews all applications for new construction and modifications to the exterior and/or landscaping of a home/unit. This committee exists to preserve the beauty and harmony of our community and ensure changes made to architecture and landscaping are consistent with our codes, covenants, and restrictions, while allowing homeowners to personalize their Barefoot homes.

  • Board Liaison: Eric Zimmerman

Beach Cabana Committee

Responsible for the maintenance and use of the Beach Cabana facility and parking lots. The committee manages an annual budget, sets operating schedules, and establishes rules of use.

  • Board Liaison: Marie Chaisson

Joint Committee

This committee is the overseeing organization for the Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA) owners and Barefoot Non-Residential Association members (NRA), which includes the North Tower Condominiums, Yacht Club Villa Towers, the Retreat at Barefoot Village, Seaglass Cottages, the Shops at Barefoot Village, Fire Station, Barefoot Marina, Conference Center, Care Now and Ponderosa Management, and Century 21.  The Joint Committee is responsible for landscape overlay, irrigation, and street lights on all spine roads and entrances, as well as all needs for the North Tower pool.

  • BRRA Committee Members: Eric Zimmerman and Magdalena Szabo

Lifestyle Committee

This committee represents both single and multi-family residents to recommend Board approved events for all residents of Barefoot. The Lifestyle Committee was created to foster more interaction and communication between single and multi-family residences. The committee will attract volunteers and participants to promote and benefit the entire community and improve the quality of life in Barefoot.

  • Board Liaison: Blake Prichard

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Responsible for organizing and supervising neighborhood block captains for every community in the Barefoot Resort Residential Association, as well as partnering with North Myrtle Beach police, sharing information to protect our residents.

  • Board Liaison: Alan Simeon

Traffic Sub-Committee

This sub-committee of the Neighborhood Watch Committee has been charged with studying the traffic problems (e.g., speeding, failure to obey passing laws) within Barefoot Resort and working with the City of North Myrtle Beach to identify feasible solutions.

  • Board Liaison: Alan Simeon

NMB City Liaison

Responsible for communicating with City Officials concerning issues that pertain to the Barefoot community and with the Board concerning matters that need to be communicated to the owners.

  • Board Liaison: Dara Baltuskonis

Residents’ Club Committee

The Residents’ Club Committee’s primary purpose is to advise the BRRA board on operational needs and ongoing maintenance of the Residents’ Club facilities, as well as provide recommendations for the procurement of new and replacement items.

  • Board Liaison: John McInerney and Alan Simeon

Website Committee

Responsible for the planning and implementation of the BRRA website as well as monitoring the continued relevance and operations of the website.

  • Board Liaison: Blake Prichard

2024 BRRA Meetings

2024 BRRA Board Meetings will be open to all Barefoot Resort Residential owners virtually via zoom held on the second Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. BRRA Voting Members and Alternates are encouraged to attend and report back to their respective communities.

2024 BRRA Meeting Schedule

February 13 – Open Board
March 12 – Open Board
April 9 – Open Board
May 14 – Open Board
June 11 – Open Board
July 9 – Open Board
August 13 – Open Board
September 10 – Open Board
October 8 – Open Board
October 8 – Meet the Candidates
November 12 – Open Board
December 10 – Annual Owner’s

2024 BRRA Board of Directors


Dara Baltuskonis, President
Marie Chaisson, Vice President
John McInerney, Treasurer
Eric Zimmerman, Secretary
Blake Prichard, Director at Large
Alan Simeon, Director at Large
Magdalena Szabo, Director at Large