About the ARC Guidelines…

NOVEMBER 1, 2017

– George Griffiths, ARC Committee Chair


In the past two years we have had many new neighbors move into the Barefoot Community and for some this may be their first experience of living in a planned community. Following is a brief review of the history and objectives of the ARC.

Silver Carolina was the developer of Barefoot Resort, Barefoot Landing, and our four beautiful golf courses. Silver Carolina also provided for the governance structure that currently exists for the Barefoot Community. One of the reasons for this structure was to maintain the developer's vision of community-wide appearance and an upscale atmosphere.

The ARC was established as an extension of the BRRA reporting to the Directors to maintain the vision of Silver Carolina. " The ARC was empowered to establish Design Guidelines and amendments to the guidelines at its discretion."

In general, any change to the exterior of your home requires an approved application before work begins. Among changes that require an application are structural additions to your home, changes in exterior color schemes, roof replacements, landscaping changes, retaining walls, changes in lighting or irrigation. Exceptions for the need to make an application would include normal maintenance of your home. Examples of these exceptions would include replacement of damaged windows, exterior doors or garage doors if none of the above involve a significantly different style from the local community standard.

The ARC regularly reviews these guidelines to assure that they are up to date with the latest innovations and use of materials. A major objective of the ARC is to maintain architectural harmony within neighborhoods and the Community at large. The guidelines exist to help maintain or increase property values, support the desirability of Barefoot as a place to live while allowing the individual homeowner to enhance the enjoyment and usefulness of their property.

A tabulation of application activity is attached. The number of roof replacements has slowed as compared to last years activity. We expect new peaks in this category in coming years as our homes mature. New landscaping continues to set the pace as original plantings become overgrown or dated and new plantings enhance property values and enjoyment.

We have a beautiful community and we are all committed to keeping it the most beautiful place to live on the Grand Strand.