ARC Annual Report

~ Maryann Giroso, ARC Committee Chair

2023 was another busy year with continued improvements throughout our communities. The ARC saw a total of 237 applications for the year.

Below are the high points of last year’s ARC Committee:


  • 32 Types of Requests
  • 148 Approved
  • 86 Conditionally Approved
  • 3 Disapproved

Top requests were for Lawn Enhancements, Roofs and Tree Removal.

The ARC Guidelines have been updated to make them more inclusive. The latest version has been posted to the BRRA Website.

The committee will continue to do neighborhood inspections. These friendly inspections are here to support and maintain the curb appeal of our community.

We will also continue to review applications. The committee looks forward to working with you during your homeowner updates.

BRRA ARC Committee Members

Maryann Giroso, Chair
Larry Talley
Perry Tevere
Neal Witkin
Richard Zdanowicz
Eric Zimmerman, BRRA Liaison